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1. Experience

All hypnosis sessions are provided by a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy who is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist with over twenty years of experience. Note: Most web sites sponsoring hypnosis CDs and downloads use hypnotists who are not doctors of clinical hypnotherapy. They may lack the experience to provide a safe, professional session.

2. Stability

We have been around for a long time and will be for decades to come. New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™ (commonly called New Life Clinics®) has been providing private and group clinical hypnotherapy for nearly two decades. They are the largest and oldest nonprofit, tax-exempt, free hypnotherapy clinics in the United States. They are a charitable trust owned by the people of the United States. Therefore, the control and management of the trust is passed on from generation to generation of competent trustees and directors to keep the trust operating to provide its charitable services to the public.

3. Track Record

New Life Clinics® doctors have collectively treated over one-million people to stop smoking, lose weight and relieve stress and tension free from charge! They have also been invited to provide free, group hypnotherapy to tens of thousands of employees of over 80 major organizations and corporations. They have treated thousands of law enforcement officers, veterans, city, and county employees. They have also treated thousands of professional association and union members such as members of the California and New York Nurses Association, the Chicago Teachers Union, and the California and Arkansas State Employee's Associations.

4. Registered and Trusted

We are approved to operate as a tax-exempt charitable organization by the state's Attorney General, Secretary of State or Charities Registration Division if required by that state in which we provide charitable services in person. (Registration is not required for internet services). New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™ is also registered with the Internal Revenue Services as a 501 (c) 3, subsection 509 (a) 2, tax-exempt, publicly supported, nonprofit, charitable trust owned by the people of the United States. The trust is also registered in Arizona, where its Parent Chapter Offices are domiciled. Finally, the trust is registered in states in which the trust provides its live, free, group hypnotherapy sessions to operate as a state registered charitable organization. This web site is registered with GoDaddy.com to be www.hypnoticmood.com which is owned by New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™.

5. Management

We are staffed by people you can depend on who care. New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™ is overseen by Trustees, managed by Directors and its services are provided to the public by volunteer Doctors and administrative staff. All Executive and Management level personnel are college educated and have several years of experience in their respective positions. All have been volunteers for over a decade providing faithful service to the trust and the public it serves free of any salary. There is no payroll at New Life Clinics. It is an all-volunteer organization.

6. Safe Hypnosis

Our free group and private clinical hypnotherapy sessions, and thank-you gifts of hypnotherapy downloads and CDs plus our thank-you gifts of streaming hypnosis sessions and Hypnotic Moods and Feelings were painstakingly created and clinically tested to be safe. They do not cause any undesirable side effects for a healthy, mentally stable adult. The Trust's hypnotherapy in private and live group hypnotherapy sessions has proven to be safe for over one-million people who have been treated in New Life Clinics Hypnotherapy Sessions and/or listened to its hypnosis audio recordings as directed.

7. Results

This is what is really important to us and our donors. Does the hypnosis administered by New Life Clinics' doctors work? In a word, "YES!" Surveys conducted by the department of psychology in the City Health Department of the City of San Francisco concluded the hypnosis we administered to a large test group of health department employees exceeded a 92% success rate from only one group hypnotherapy session. Other surveys conducted by New Life Clinics® have revealed a success rate for tobacco smoking cessation to be 75% first 30 days and 54% first year. There is nothing of which we are aware that has a higher success rate. We see outrageously high claims of success rates published by retail providers of hypnosis on the internet and in newspapers. However, they cannot prove their claims by an outside credible source. We can and do. If you want what works, you ask for New Life Clinics' hypnotherapy.

8. Affordable

We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity. The trust's primary method of raising funds to operate and offer charitable services is by offering our hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions to the public as a thank-you gift in consideration for their donations. Our thank-you gifts are a powerful inducement for people to donate because they truly enjoy the hypnotic moods and feelings that we provide. Since we operate "not-for-profit" we do not have to ask for the typical price of a hypnosis CD which is $30.00. We offer it for what it cost us to produce it and mail it to a donor (factoring in the trust's overhead cost to operate such as rent, phones, utilities, etc.). Further, to download a hypnosis session only involves the Trust's operational overhead which is quite low because we are an all-volunteer organization. There is no payroll at New Life Clinics Charitable Trust ™. This allows the Trust to provide "state-of-the-art" hypnosis as a thank-you gift for a modest donation, even if it's only a few dollars which is far below the average cost of a hypnosis session online or in a private therapy session. What you might spend on one session from a commercial hypnosis session provider you can get up to seven of the same hypnosis sessions from New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™. And, the hypnosis will be provided by a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy with over twenty years of experience in practice. Further, the session will have been clinically developed, proven to work exceptionally well, and be safe.

9. Charitable

Keep in mind when you donate and receive the Trust's thank-you gift of a hypnosis session download or CD in your mail, that money does not line the pockets of a corporation or sole proprietor (therapist). It is used to feed a lot of hungry boys and girls, to buy wheelchairs for destitute amputees and other charitable services. Less than 12% of the net donations are used to pay for the Trust's overhead operational costs. The remaining 88% goes towards nationally recognized, registered, charitable projects to help people that simply cannot help themselves. For instance, to date we have treated collectively over one-million people for tobacco smoking, drug abuse, chronic stress and obesity free from any charge. Thousands of poverty stricken kids are fed three good meals per day and provided clean drinking water and basic education so they can survive, learn and rise up to make their world a better place to live and prosper.

10. Unbeatable Nationwide Service

For nearly two decades we have operated in 38 states. Many of those states require we be registered with their Secretary of State, or State Attorney General and his/her charities division office. Since we are owned by the people of the United States we go over the top with our attitude on service. After all, if the people own New Life Clinics Charitable Trust, they are in the driver's seat and will receive the best service we can provide. We stay current with the science of clinical hypnotherapy. Any major improvements available in it are passed on to past clients we have treated and/or gifted our hypnosis sessions to. We respond to all inquiries, questions, and correspondence promptly. We rigidly comply with all federal and state laws. We know who we work for and that's you and the people of the United States. You're the boss and we want you to be satisfied and happy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by clicking this link: Contact Us.

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