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Hello. My name is Dr. Robert Dean.

Photo of Dr. Robert G. Dean, New Life Clinics Charitable Trust's Chief Resident Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy

This web site is all about helping women enjoy wonderful moods and experience amazing feelings that they desire. For the first time ever, you can be hypnotized at your computer to experience a FREE hypnotic mood called "Mellow". Women love it. I invite you to experience it. It's soothing, will calm you, make you feel better, and be stress free. If you like "Mellow Hypnotic Mood", you'll truly enjoy other moods women desire such as "Fun Mood", "Happy Mood", "In a Good Mood", and "Peaceful Mood". You can also "Ascend" above your troubles. Any one of those is yours as a thank-you gift for your modest donation. Each hypnotic mood will hypnotize you, at your computer, to be in a wonderful mood. Net proceeds from your donation are used to feed thousands of hungry boys and girls and reduce human suffering.

Hey! It gets better! Women are especially fond of the Hypnotic Feelings I provide. They are an amazing hypnotic experience that women love. So, which of these feelings would you like to have? "Feel Confident", "Feel Attractive", "Feel Loved", "Feel Spiritual", "Feel Wonderful", or a Hypnotic "Fantasy" that women crave? After you have experienced my free hypnotic mood, "Mellow", please make a modest donation to New Life Clinics Charitable Trust™ and I'll hypnotize you right at your computer to enjoy the hypnotic feeling of your choice and enjoy that feeling any time you like.

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